Recent projects

Central de Reservas

Central de Reservas is a prominent hotel booking website operating from Spain and handling hotel reservations worldwide. ThoughtPatterns is responsible for the design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of the hotel booking engine. ThoughtPatterns implemented the system when Central de Reservas was commencing business and hence needed a modest system. The business has been a great success, growing exponentially, and the booking system has successfully scaled with it.

This project required use of machine learning techniques to efficiently merge and maintain unformatted data from a disparate range of backend data sources.


Teaminvest is a financial services company that helps people manage their stock market investments. Central to their offering are a set of mathematical algorithms that identify stocks worthy of purchase. Teaminvest entrusted to ThoughtPatterns the development of a new web-based system used by their clients to make stock market decisions. This included re-implementing their proprietary mathematical algorithms.

Australian Karting Association

ThoughtPatterns has been working with the Australian Karting Association for many years designing and delivering a licensing administration system and integrated race management system. The licensing system has replaced a paper-based system with a fully electronic one, saving significant time and effort. The systems are used by 6000 members and run at 100 tracks around the country. A sophisticated synchronisation mechanism allows functionality to run at race tracks without an Internet connection. Race results and licence requests are synchronised with the central database when connectivity is available.

Speedway Australia

ThoughtPatterns have implemented an online licensing system for Speedway Australia including backend integration with a payment gateway. The system has significantly reduced staff costs and the time taken to process licence applications.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship

ThoughtPatterns have undertaken a number of projects at the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. We have:

rego.act - ACT Road User Services

ThoughtPatterns filled the roles of Solution Architect and Technical Lead on this large-scale project. The project was an outstanding success being the subject of a Gartner research note, and reused by Tasmania. In addition to other functions, this system is responsible for processing all driver licences, vehicle registrations and infringements for the ACT. It receives almost $1M per day in payments, integrates with eighteen other systems and runs on mobile, PDA, browser and desktop devices. The cost of the ACT system was in the order of one-tenth of some other Australian states' systems.

Green Vehicles - ACT Road User Services

ThoughtPatterns undertook fixed-price application development work for the Green Vehicles project. This project introduced differential stamp duty for new cars registered in the ACT, based on their Green Vehicle Rating. The functionality was integrated into the existing motor vehicle registration system smoothly and on time.