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Software engineering specialists


Architecture and software development services producing flexible, robust, scalable and long-lived solutions

A trusted IT partner

We are still working with our first client. We don't use lock-in contracts, so clients call us by choice.

Systems that run anywhere

Developing web-enabled business systems since 1997.

Our first mobile-enabled system in 2003.

Systems that expand with business

An Internet travel booking system implemented in 2000 has grown with the business as it has grown exponentially.

Systems that last

Ten years after designing a very large system, we've been asked to shape it for the next ten years.

Smart systems

Systems we've designed have won awards for our clients and been used as case studies.

To reduce staff time and costs we have used learning algorithms to match names, addresses and images.

Systems that work together

We have a great deal of experience in making systems work together. One system integrated with 20 other systems, seamlessly.

Recent Projects

A stock market analysis system with custom algorithms for Teaminvest ... more

Retail and wholesale travel booking systems for Central de Reservas ... more

A membership, race management and race timing system for the Australian Karting Association ... more

Experience to provide systems that work

We've decades of experience designing and implementing systems. This helps maximise the success of your project and the benefit to your business. Below are examples of the breadth of work we have undertaken.

  • Systems costing thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars.
  • An online predictive analytics system to identify business risk.
  • A stock market analysis system.
  • Large-scale systems integrated across business.
  • A Bill of Material system for Honda